Example SwIP®

SwIP® Technology boosting IM3 Performance of RF Switches

SwIP® technology has been developed by rf innovation to meet toughest IM3 requirement for switches. Revolutionary circuit IP (patent applied) gives unprecedented IP3 performance on existing semiconductor processes. Application examples include RF frontends in phones for LTE carrier aggregation uplink but also other highly linear switch circuits.

Main features are:

  • Up to 20dB improvement of IMD3 over baseline switch
  • Boosting IP3 up to 95dBm
  • Process agnostic:
    applicable for bulk CMOS, SOI, GaAs pHEMT
  • Power agnostic:
    applicable for any power level required
  • No impact on isolation
  • Required die area ~0.1mm²
  • Added insertion loss ~0.05dB